Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Just yesterday, my family shared a touching moment while participating in a Memorial Day Service. My son was asked to play Taps, so we all went to hear his melodious tribute. I sat there watching the veterans speak of their friends that never came home. I never met any of these fallen soldiers, but was moved to tears as I watched the flag go up, heard the echoing bell rung after each name was read. It was very somber. Guns were fired as a salute to these men and their families and then Taps was played and echoed through the trees. I looked at the crowd, most were men in their 80's and their families, some holding back tears and others with red, wet eyes. There were only a few young people. Have we, as a culture lost perspective? How many veterans do we care for in our communities, never realizing the sacrifices they made to ensure our freedom? Our elderly population lived through amazing times and many would love to share their memories. I shudder as I remember outlining chapter after chapter for history classes in high school, but sit in utter amazement when hearing the stories from a participant of our great history. If we would only remember to take time and remember that those feeble hands that are crippled held a gun to fight for freedom, held and nurtured a baby, raised a family or built houses. No one will know the stories our elderly can tell us, unless we ask.