Patient Loving Care's Doctor:Patient Resources

Patient Loving Care exists to help patients and their caregivers navigate the medical maze.

Our very first product is a FREE Patient Loving Care Doctor's Memo to help patients and their doctors start a meaningful conversation. Use the PLC memo to guide the dicussion and ultimately leave the exam room with a clear understanding of the patient's needs, diagnosis and instructions.

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The revised PLC Doctor's Memo Toolkit includes:
1.) A thorough yet easy to follow nine-page guide with detailed instructions for making the most of writing the memo.
2.) The PLC Sample Doctor's Memo now included right within the toolkit document: A completed memo so you can see how another patient and caregiver filled out their information
3.) The PLC Doctor's Memo itself: A document that can be filled in right on screen, printed out and saved in order to keep an accurate record and have a fresh copy to fill out every time you visit the doctor.

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