Patient Care Links

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Online Support Links

Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Association

Celiac Disease
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

American Cancer Association

Livestrong Cancer Support

What Next Cancer Support Network

Caregiver Support
Well Spouse Association

American Diabetes Association

Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
Epilepsy Foundation

Heart Disease
American Heart Association

Mental Health
Mental Health America

American Dietetic Association

Local Organizations
New Jersey
Caregivers of New Jersey

Clayton's Hope

American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training-Greater Cleveland

Cleaning for a Reason
General cleaning service for cancer patients once a month for four months.

Corporate Angel Network
Flights to treatment centers for cancer patients and companions.

Look Good Feel Better
Beauty care for women undergoing cancer treatment, web site for men, web site and in-hospital support groups for teens.

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Musicians on Call
Bedside performances for hospital patients.
Free downloadable doctor's memo to help you communicate effectively with your healthcare provider

Starlight Foundation
In-hospital entertainment technology, family activities and outings, online social network for seriously ill teens

Stowe Hope
Wellness conference with free rooms for first-time attendees who are cancer patients

Home Care
Caring for a patient at home requires a deep measure of love and patience, for sure. But the best care also requires nursing skills that aren't even formally taught to lay people. If you've accepted this profound responsibility, you want every resource to do it correctly.

We've found some excellent training videos. Although they are geared to Certified Nursing Assistant students, they are perfect for families struggling to care for someone who's just been discharged from the hospital or simply needs ongoing care.

Check out these links:

How to Feed Someone Who Can't Feed Themselves

How to Assist Someone Getting Around With a Walker

How to Brush Someone Else's Teeth

How to Bath Someone Who Can't Get Out of Bed

A Note About the Videos: Researching this topic, we found these comprehensive tutorials on YouTube from the  Arizona Medical Training Institute. Although they were posted to help students in the Certified Nursing Assistant program study their coursework, we are grateful that AMTI publicly shares their beautifully produced videos on YouTube. Thank you!

Source: Arizona Medical Training Institute, YouTube)

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DISCLAIMER: Use common sense. Only attempt to do what you and the patient can safely accomplish. These tutorials are meant as guidelines only to improve the care of patients who needs assistance from loved ones for everyday care. Ask your medical professional for specific advice on patient care for your situation.