About Diane Minor

I worked in Oncology as an RN and learned the value of the life I was living. I held peoples’ hands as they took their last breath, cried with the widow left at the bedside and bagged up possessions to send to the funeral home. It was a great job, as long as I could be caring and compassionate, yet at the end of my shift go on with my busy life as a new pregnant wife. The life I carried inside myself somehow helped ease the losses I felt at work. I worked for a while in a nursing home and provided home care. These were rewarding jobs and taught me a lot about what people deal with as they age in their homes. Nothing was as rewarding as teaching others to be that friendly face, encouraging smile and competent care giver. When my mother had a heart attack, I found out how powerless one feels at the liberty of healthcare providers that often seem to not speak our language. I hope it has taught me to see people as the valuable assets they are and never make them feel alone or ignored. I live east of Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, David and have two wonderful children. Our son is a junior in high school and our daughter is a freshman at The Ohio State University.